Chadwick H. Fairbanks III - VP Private Security Details ops.

Chadwick H. Fairbanks III is an accomplished professional in sales management and military sectors. Since moving to Utah in 2012, Chadwick transitioned his sales career into the retail automotive and concierge space. He quickly proved valuable at managing BDC’s, multiple sales floors, developing sales training, and coordinating vendor operations. Currently, Chadwick is the VP of private security detail at ONYX. Chadwick’s unique depth, particularly in marketing & training, gives ONYX an advantage in creating a paradigm shift with it’s strategies related to business development, product development, technology, and client services. 

His military experience includes top-secret clearances, Persian language fluency, interrogation skills, and extensive combatives training. In the military, Chadwick gained proficiency on many weapons platforms as well as tactics.

He’s a certified MACP Level 3 instructor, which is the Army’s version of the UFC. He’s certified in chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological operations. He’s also certified in human intelligence collection to include interrogation and source operations. He even spent time in Poland training the Polish Army for the Iraq War as well as working on top-secret projects for the National Security Agency as a civilian contractor.

Chadwick is in his 12th year of marriage to his beautiful wife, Deborah. They have two boys, Cameron and Cromwell, who are attending Good Foundations Academy in Riverdale. Chadwick attributes his boys’ amazing upbringing to his wife’s great ability to be the “CEO” of the Fairbanks Family. They’re all avid snowboarders as Cromwell started when he was 2! Chadwick gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1985 and counts himself as a non-denominational Christian.


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