Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Jessica Enslow - Founder

Jessica Enslow is a Co-founder of ONYX Luxury Transportation. Before founding ONYX, Jessica began her career as a registered nurse graduating from the Columbia Gorge Community College in 2004. Jessica has a rare trait that some have called “raw intelligence”. Incredibly witty, Jessica has been known to be unusually expeditious in evaluating an overall challenge or situation, and quickly determine what to do and even how to go about doing it. She quickly gains the respect of others due to her candid “what you see is what you get approach with people”; indicative of her expectation that others uphold the same level of laser like integrity that she holds herself to. More than the average person, Jessica will hold people to their word and has mastered the art of discerning whether or not people are what they say they are, but still emphatically expects actions to be congruent with talk before you can earn her respect. This philosophy and mindset quickly catapulted her into a manager position where she reported directly to the owner of an extremely successful home health and hospice business in Idaho Falls, Idaho. After falling in love with her sweetheart Rob in 2009, she was asked to do something more difficult than any job on the planet…be a mom. She arose to that challenge remarkably and has reached an astounding level of success as a mother of 7 children. Still ambitious, shortly after her last child Eli in 2014, Jessica had the determination and discipline to not only care for and be a mother to her 7 children, but adopt fitness and eating right as her number one priority behind God and her family. Jessica’s passion for fitness and health emerged and became public after starting a fitness Instagram in 2015. Since then Jessica has inspired mothers in nearly every country on earth that being a mother and being fit and healthy, can coexist…and has infused hope into the hearts of tens of thousands of mothers. Not a day goes by that a new depressed mom doesn’t visit Jessica’s instagram with renewed hope, and this is unequivocally visible in the thousands of comments displayed under each of her posts. Jessica’s Instagram turned into her business after its influence and recognition went viral, from the New York Post, to German TV, and other TV show producers. Jessica still sits on the board of directors at ONYX as one of its founders and majority equity stake holder.


Rob Enslow - CEO

Rob is the CEO and co-founder of ONYX. Rob is a born leader and grew up in a quiet community called Pepperwood in Sandy, Utah. This neighborhood is nestled near the beautiful Alta and Snowbird ski resorts in Little Cottonwood Canyon. From an early age, Rob’s father made success look easy to him. From being drafted into the NFL as an Oakland Raider, to overseeing and managing the partner developer program generating $50 million+ in annual revenue for Symantec, to a CEO and CFO, Rob has always admired and aspired to be like his father. Rob learned what true hard work was framing homes and as a concrete worker for 4 ½ years before deciding to go back to school so he could learn to make a living with his brain instead of his brawn. After a rebellious phase, which lasted from his 13th-23rd year, Rob turned to religion and studied the Bible for two hours every day for seven years. It was during this time that he decided to be a seminary teacher and served a 2 year proselytizing mission for a Christian denomination in eastern Pennsylvania. Shortly after Rob’s two years of voluntary unpaid missionary service, he returned to Utah and immediately accepted an offer to participate in a computer internship at a computer firm. It was during his time here that Rob founded his first company in New York City, NY, Hallmark Pilots. Rob contracted with a large pilot car broker in southeastern Pennsylvania and a few months later, in Yuma, AZ that would help him earn a living from 2004-2009 while he went to college. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Mesa Community College in 2008, he met the woman of his dreams, Jessica, in 2009 and they were married in that same year. Jessica asked Rob to give up his first business so he could have more of a family life and be home more; and Rob agreed. Rob went after his passion to be a seminary teacher, but realized that in order to be a respectable provider, and fulfill his responsibility to support his growing family (7 kids now), that he should consider another career. He aggressively pursued a software/technology sales career and after 7 years of success in that industry, in November of 2015, Rob sought out to start his next company. That’s when ONYX Luxury Transportation was born and began serving both locals and visitors of the nostalgic Park City, Utah area. Rob plans to differentiate ONYX through the implementation of unique technology, systems and processes, blended with his uncanny expectation for hiring only the highest-class professionals as drivers. All drivers, including himself, are required to wear suits and tie’s and are held to high standards of integrity and professionalism. Rob’s number one goal with every client who enters his vehicles is their safety, comfort and convenience, and leaving with a desire to use ONYX again.


Adriana Marlow - Executive Assistant

Adriana has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as start-up environments. She has a proven executive management and sales track record with over 15 years experience. She has a visionary leader who utilizes her entrepreneurial strengths to facilitate success. She consistently inspires high performance in teams and organizations through practical, articulate, and creative approaches to solving challenges. Adriana is a business builder and turn around professional providing operational leadership to positively impact change, accelerate growth and enhance performance. Adriana has experience as a successful business owner for over a decade in the satellite tv industry. Adriana’s pastimes are acting in Hollywood, martial arts, oil painting, hiking and charities. Adriana strives to deliver the highest quality of Customer Service, maintain a creative and innovative workforce, and give back to the Communities in which we live and work.

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